Welcome to Sharon Carr Studio

I squeezed some indanthrone blue onto my palette and fell in love with paint. I was nearly 50 years old. I didn't let myself paint until then because my 5th grade teacher gave me a bad grade in art. By midlife I no longer cared what the teacher thought. I started to play with paint and I loved it.

My most recent work is abstract expressionism in oil and cold wax medium. My paintings start with sheer play. I layer several layers of paint onto my canvas, as well as, scribbles of oil bar, graphite or charcoal. At this point I can also carve into the paint to reveal the under layers. This is where more thinking begins. I study the canvas to decide what needs to happen next to make a pleasing composition. I use color and shape with the goal of creating a painting that sings.

My work can be seen at

Gallery Row in Gig Harbor

Clarke & Clarke Art + Artifacts on Mercer Island

Bainbridge Arts and Crafts